I love October. I love pumpkins, football, hockey, fall foods, sweaters, etc. Just like everyone else on the internet it seems (minus Pumpkin Spice Lattes – coffee is GROSS) October 1st – December 31st are easily the 3 best months out of any year. Here’s  pumpkin I picked and carved with my roommate and bass bestie (BEAR!) my FRESHMAN year of college. It shows some of the Halloween decorations in the background too haha. We were allowed to keep the pumpkin in the dorm for awhile too! 


BUT this October might be the most crazy busy month of my life. I have:

 – 6 shows left playing in the pit for Legally Blonde (OH MY GOOOODDD) 
 – 4 concerts! 
 – Recital Hearing 
 – Cowboys vs Redskins game/weekend in Dallas with my parents!  
 – Rehearsal and a gig with my jazz group 
 – Watching/performing in other recitals 
 – Exam and rough draft of my paper due 
 – Dress rehearsals, classes, ensemble rehearsals, assistantship work, gigs

All this on top of my HALF MARATHON and my RECITAL. 

I’m really proud of myself for sticking to my guns and getting up early to run or go to CrossFit during these musical weeks. It’s been so stressful and tiresome some days. So much so that I’ve barely had time to grocery shop, let alone being able to cook. My eating habits being thrown off is a bit of a bummer and I genuinely think it affects my mood, but as long as I get in my work outs I can keep my mental health together. 

I had an insane amount of anxiety yesterday performing my Bach Cello Suite for the first time in “public”,  but I managed to get through the entire piece and I feel so much better having the majority of tears, anxiety, and mental exhaustion behind me. I performed again for some of my fellow bassists today and it went SO much better. (By the way, the Baylor bass studio is great and I’m so lucky to have been in 2 amazingly supportive and loving studios so far in my collegiate career) 

CrossFit today was rough, we did “midline” which works our core first, and the ab mat sit ups and overhead squats were BRUTAL. I have a run tomorrow and a new recipe to try so hopefully I’ll be back with some more exciting, fitness related words for y’all! 

Mileage – CrossFit 

QOD – Dum spiro, spero (While I breathe, I hope)





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