Reaching Goals…and moving beyond them.

The past few weeks I’ve achieved a lot of goals: 

– Played a performance to my potential in a anxiety inducing setting
– Started networking for more music gigs 
– Eaten clean 80/20 for 4 weeks 
– Fit back into my size 2 shorts (First time in 14 MONTHS!) 
– Maintaining my early morning workout schedule for 3 weeks 
– Started budgeting and eating out 1 time a week or less!  
– Getting accepted into the Music History Department (I know I already told y’all, but SO excited) 

But sometimes achieving goals can almost make your life harder, you know? Especially when some of them you’ve been working towards for months or years. Some of my goals I can continue to pursue or maintain, such as my clean eating 80/20, but others need to be modified. I need to move on to a new piece of clothing to fit into, start thinking of thesis options, or prepare more music for a high quality performance. Lack of motivation can set it.

Anyone else have some new goals for the school year or life that you are working on? Share them in the comments! 

That being said I finally have a date for my half-marathon! October 19th in Huntsville, Texas. I’m so excited to spend some time with my friends Michael (one of my running buddies I’ve mentioned) and Caleb, they are going to house me that weekend! It will be so nice to have the ability to take a running break the week of my recital and allow my body some resting time, which will be greatly needed. 

Today was a CrossFit day and we worked our arms, which was nice for me because I have a longer mid-run tomorrow and my last long run on Saturday before my taper! It’s been hard to get up super early somedays as the semester goes on and the nights get later, but I think this early morning workout schedule guarantees I’ll get a work out in and it helps me get started on practicing and the rest of my day earlier. 

More recently on Sundays I’ve been posting recipes I’ve made for the week. This week had a few repeat as well as 2 new dishes. The one I’d most like to share with you guys are a new flavor of pancake from Averie Cooks Apple Pie Pancakes

I made these pancakes without the butter, with skim milk, used whole wheat flour, and of course left out the maple syrup, and they are DELICIOUS. I managed to get 12 smaller pancakes out of the batter and have 2 for each morning. I’m so in love with these oat and whole wheat pancakes this year. It is so easy to whip up enough for the week and microwave them, plus I never get sick of the flavors.

Mileage – CrossFit, yoga

QOD – You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.




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