TGIF. Favorites Friday!!!

I am so happy it’s Friday!!! I cannot wait to see my friend Chelsea tomorrow who is visiting from Switzerland for 1 weekend only! (Crazy right?!) I’m also glad it’s a rest day! I took Wednesday off as well for my knees but I did a double yesterday. I went to CrossFit  and we did a lot of burpees – way too many burpees – and then while brainstorming for my seminar paper I decided to head to the gym and cycle while watching the Djokavic match. It was a wonderful Thursday night actually! So I thought I’d share with you some Favorites of mine on this wonderful Fridayyyy! 

1) This Buzzfeed list of 1 song workouts. I did it a few weeks ago and it was AWESOME. I loved it! Check it out HERE

2) Green Tea. I drink it everyday after my glass of cold water with breakfast and usually at least once if not twice more again throughout the day. It boosts your metabolism, gives me energy, I love the taste, and zero calories with nothing but water and tea. Can’t get much better than that! 

3) This adorable photo of a squirrel. It makes me so happy inside. 

4) THAT FOOTBALL SEASON IS  BACK!!!!!!! (Yes I am from Baltimore, no I don’t love the Ravens but last night… wow probably could’ve guessed that considering they dismantled their SuperBowl winning team) COWBOYS GAME SUNDAY NIGHT!Image

5) I got paid!!! It feels so nice to know I have the assistantship this year in the orchestra library and I’m finally getting paid to go to school! 

Mileage – Rest! Yoga and Foam Roller 

QOD – Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. 



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