So far…so good…

After taking Friday and Saturday off, I went for a regular recovery run on Sunday evening and made it 2.5 miles with two little sections of walking. My knee felt good although I could tell it wasn’t back to normal. I iced it before bed and woke up with it feeling great on Monday! I went for a 3.75 mile run last night and I only walked 2 even shorter sections during the run. I spent an extra long time stretching and foam rolling before I iced last night. Things are feeling pretty alright so I guess only time will tell. 

Last night I made a delicious soup (sorry I forgot pictures!) with tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, celery, carrots, garlic, onion soup mix, and chicken broth. I really wish it was fall weather so I could eat my soups, stews, pumpkin, apple, warm, etc dishes without feeling entirely dumb since it’s still 100 degrees outside. 

My left hand has been cramping a lot recently while playing bass. I can’t afford to take a break from practicing like I do with running since my recital is in less than 2MONTHS! But I’m going to use my massage certificate that my friend Erin got me for my birthday back in April! Hopefully some work on my legs and my shoulders will get all the kinks out. 

Hopefully as the insanity of school dies down I can post a little more frequently (I’ve also been a little distracted by the US Open! VAMOS RAFA!). 

Mileage – CrossFit, stretch, foam roller 

QOD – Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one. 





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