First Week Craziness!

This semester….actually this whole year….seems like it will go at lightning speed! I can’t believe the first week is over. It’s given me a false sense of time of course since all my classes didn’t meet this week, giving me plenty of extra time for homework and practice. But we’ve already had readings for my one academic class and it’s been nice having my schedule back  – I really love the structure of school, haha, hence why I’m staying in college for 7 years straight! 

It’s also been my first week back at CrossFit and I’m so glad to be back. It’s nice to have the coaches there correcting my movements, after being home for the summer I’ve returned to or created a couple bad habits and I really enjoy getting the feedback. Plus I workout harder when I’m at the gym and I know it will help me build strength for all my races this season. HOWEVER, my legs feel totally torn up and I’m so glad tomorrow is my rest day. 

Actually…..I had some serious knee pain, just above the joint, this morning so I’ve been icing my knee and kept it wrapped and elevated this morning. I actually switched around my practice time so I could give my knee some recovery time before biking to campus and keeping my knee bent all morning. 

Since my running is in the morning to avoid the heat, I’ve switched my CrossFit classes to early in the morning rather than at night. I’m trying to make myself a super morning person….I’m getting there….slowly. 

I think today is a day for a double dose of tea since I woke up at 5:15am – I fell asleep watching the U.S. Open last night and I’m sure I will do the same thing tonight. School is exhausting but I’m so happy to be back making music with all my colleagues here at Baylor. My auditions didn’t go as well as I was hoping for, and I will be exploring some new avenues to prevent my severe performance anxiety, there’s always something to learn from mistakes and failures. It is incredibly inspiring to be back with the bass studio here, all the talent and hard work in our studio is such great motivation! 

Mileage – CrossFit, yoga, foam roller 

QOD – Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. 





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