Weather Spoiled

Today was probably my last east coast run until Thanksgiving and I was completely spoiled with the weather. I’m down at Bethany Beach for a 48 hour mini vacation with my mom and one of my best friends, Caitlin! I went out for a shorter mid run this morning and it was 60ish degrees with a strong ocean breeze and some cloud cover. It felt like perfection! I think my first run in Texas is going to kick my butt unfortunately.

It’s nice being at the beach also for some of my last meals here because I can get fresh, quality seafood. Seafood in central Texas is totally questionable and I miss the ocean/bay to table eating I have on the eastern shore of Maryland and at the beach. Seafood, especially shell fish, is one of my favorite healthy foods because it doesn’t need dressing up to taste amazing. Nothing tastes better to me than steamed Maryland Blue Crabs with Old Bay – hands down my favorite food ever and I don’t mind working for it! So tonight we’re headed out to one of my favorite restaurants down here, where I can guarantee I’ll get some delicious seafood tonight.

I’m excited to head back to Texas but I sure will miss the ocean breeze!

Mileage – 5.5 miles

QOD – Preserve and treat food as you would your body, remembering that in time food will be your body.

Caitlin, Mama, and I at the beach!



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