Strange Events…

Normally when I take yoga at the gym I work at in MD, I take a flow yoga class. The classes are pretty strenuous, focusing on building strength, incorporating difficult balance poses, and deep stretching. I wanted to take a class yesterday so I signed up for an evening “Yoga I” class. I know that fitness classes develop followings, but this class should have been labeled “Yoga for Injuries”.

I understand why the instructor asked the girl with the wrist brace about her injury before class, but not why every person in the room had to inform him of every physical ailment. The class started very late, went wayyyy over, and the instructor spent half the time giving specific instruction to various individuals. When my foot dislocated itself and I walked it off for a minute, I was essentially reprimanded for not informing the instructor of this strange quirk in my feet. To be honest, it’s so much a part of my life I hardly notice it and I’ve never asked a doctor about it because I just pop it right back in – I was reprimanded for this as well. 

I got over my yoga disappointment and ran a 8.25 miler this morning – during which I witnessed SERIOUS road rage. As a pedestrian, I almost felt in danger with this jerk’s driving and over the top flipping the bird. Thankfully the run for me was not eventful – although I did have to remind myself a few times to dial back my pace or else I wouldn’t have made it the whole distance. 

After my run, ice bath, and delicious protein packed breakfast – 1% low fat cottage cheese, guys, it is a miracle food – I headed in to my last shift at the gym where I met a new coworker filling in. As we talked about Texas (he used to live there) I mentioned my up-coming races and he says:

“I’m sorry, but are you in shape enough to run a half marathon?” 

My thoughts were “NO, first of all you are not sorry sir. Secondly, you are an incredibly out of shape individual who asked me to walk around the gym for you because you’re ‘injured’. Finally, you probably wouldn’t have these ‘injuries’ if you didn’t carry 50 extra lbs in your mid section. You work in a fitness facility be ashamed of yourself.” 

But I didn’t say any of that. I just informed him of my previous and upcoming races. I know I don’t look like an Olympic athlete, but seriously?! Ironically Runner’s World just posted a great list of things not to say to runners. Check it out HERE

Has anyone ever asked you a question like that? Was I right to be a little peeved? Let me know in a comment!! 

Mileage – 8.25 miles, foam roller, stretch

QOD – What is more worthy of your time and energy then your health? 





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