Food Confessions

Last night I ate horribly. I was in a funk and decided to order pizza. Not just any pizza but white pizza from Ledo’s (which is truly delicious, but not at all healthy)! Topped that off with some frozen yogurt and I ended up going to bed with a terrible stomach ache. I don’t really do that often and I reaaaalllyyy don’t want to repeat that again. Ugh. Don’t let me forget friends!!

So today I ate pretty fruit and veggie heavy to help my stomach settle back down. I tried Trader Joe’s nonfat vanilla greek yogurt this morning and while it has a higher amount than my plain greek yogurt it was REALLY delicious. Maybe branching out to vanilla greek yogurts for dessert or treats can be a new option for me. I’ll just have to find a new brand in Texas – bummmer. 

My next food adventure today was purchasing my first protein powder. I purchased Tera’s Whey organic blueberry protein powder. I will admit…. it was not particularly delicious and I didn’t really enjoy drinking it alone. HOWEVER, I think it would be great mixed into a fruit and vegetable smoothie, or choosing a flavor like vanilla and mixing it with milk instead of water.  I do think I need to incorporate the protein into my diet on long run and hard work out days because I end up hungry and probably depriving my body of protein due to lack of time to prepare meat/fish/etc for every meal. 

Today’s workout was an AMRAP 10 minute workout of 10 box jumps, 10 push-ups, and 10 kettlebell swings. I followed it up with some clean& jerks and a 2,000m row. 

Mileage – CrossFit workout. 

QOD – Junk food drags you down. 





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