Following all the “Recovery” rules.

Today was my first official long run of training! It was pretty cool outside and very overcast, which made the humidity bearable. I actually enjoyed the weather a lot! Unfortunately I’ll be waiting a few more months for this kind of weather once I get back to Texas.

After last fall’s hip issues I had to pull out of my one marathon for that season and so I’ve been doing research on recovery from long runs and injury prevention. When it comes to recovery, some things are a little “well, duh!”…but other things are not. Plus, not everything works for everyone. Since I’ve already got 2 halfs and a full marathon scheduled for this up coming fall-winter, I wanted to be proactive on injury prevention and recovery. 

Today after my run I:
1- Sat waist deep in a cold bath
2- ate a banana and drank Nuun (10 minutes after my run…while in the bath)
3- put on my compression socks (still wearing them)
4- have tried to stay active around the house, lots of stairs, etc.
5- drank lots of water
6- ate a clean breakfast (protein and complex carbs)
7- stretching and using the foam roller

I really hate cold baths and showers, so I haven’t resorted to ice baths yet. Maybe someday…but as of right now I can barely sit in the bath for 10 minutes to reap the benefits haha. I REALLY love hot showers/baths but I know they actually can do more harm then good immediately following a hard workout so I have to resist. By doing all of these things I’m hoping tomorrow my legs will feel fresher and my 2 mile easy run will help my legs get back into gear for another week of training. If this all works, I’ll keep it up, and if it doesn’t, then it’s back to the drawing board for other ideas! 

Mileage – 7 miles, stretching 

QOD – You only grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.



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