Sprints!!! (Plus how to choose a good CrossFit WOD on your own!)

Yesterday was a Cross Fit day on my schedule and until I return to school and go back to my gym, I’m pulling WOD’s from several websites that give me a variety of strength and conditioning options. I primarily pull workouts from CrossFit Waco, CrossFit Newfound, and CrossFit.

Shout out to Kennedy, a good friend from college, who created CrossFit Newfound with his dad – if you’re in the Richmond, VA area you’ve definitely got to check them out! They offer sports performance training and CrossFit, they’ve got a great thing going down there. Kennedy is an awesome motivator and he’s the guy who convinced me to check out CrossFit! 

Back to my workouts…I don’t always do the WOD on that exact day, especially since I pull from different gyms I have to make sure that I’m not over working one muscle group and consistently neglecting another. I try to choose a workout that has rowing or sprints in the conditioning because it helps with speed in my runs. But I also look for good strength workouts for my core and upper body. Sometimes I’ll just go back to a favorite WOD or conditioning portion as a way to track progress, although I try to leave a month between repeating workouts. 

Yesterday’s workout was a For Time conditioning session that looked like this: 
800m Run
21 KBS (53/35)
21 Box Jumps (24/20)
400m Run
15 KBS
15 Box Jumps
200m Run
9 Box Jumps

And I actually really impressed myself on my sprints. I am not the fastest runner in the world and I’m continually trying to improve on my speed (although I’ve come a long way from trotting 12 min/mile long runs). I had to run on a treadmill in one room and then dodge people running to the other side of the gym to do my KBS and box jumps which slowed my overall time. But I ran my 800m in just under 3 minutes – that puts my .5 mile at about 3 minutes, which is really incredible for me considering I have never even run a 7 min/mile. Then as the workout continued I was actually able to increase my sprint time and so my 400m and 200m were even faster than I was anticipating. 

Maybe this is a sign I need to start pushing myself on some of my shorter runs. Hopefully the integration of more intervals and some Fartlek workouts will continue to improve my speed. My goal is to break under 2 hours in the Houston Half, every bit of speed work will help. 

Last night I foam rolled the hell out of my legs and hips. I felt pretty fresh this morning during my yoga practice…making some good changes I think. 

Mileage – YOGA! 

QOD – It is true that speed kills. In distance running, it kills anyone who does not have it.





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