NYC and Travel Running!

I’m in NYC for about 48 hours with one of my best friends, Vanessa! She has some gigs and rehearsals around the city for a few days and she invited me to come with her and adventure together! Last night she was playing a private gig so I had a few hours to myself to explore. I normally come to the city in the winter with my family, so I hadn’t been out and about with nice summer weather here for almost 10 years! I decided what better thing to do then go on a running tour of Manhattan?!

I think running is an amazing way to see a city. I know NYC pretty well from coming with my family and that allows me to go on runs without looking like a tourist but I’m still getting a glimpse of all the essential New York sights. Last night I passed the Empire State Building (covered in fog!), the Chrysler Building, Phillips Art Auction House, Grand Central, Central Park including the Zoo, and a bunch of other great things! I’ve seen almost all of these things before, but getting to experience them on a run is super cool!

So how do you run in a new city? Here are my suggestions:

1) Walk around town a little first. Sight-see or walk from your arrival point to your hotel. This way you are visually aware of your surroundings before you go out.

2) Create a route or look at a map first. Select major road ways or a route that takes you to major attractions in that city. These areas will be more populated with other tourists and will be well lit in the early morning and evening.

3) If you can, run during daylight hours. This will enable you to see more and is generally safer.

4) Bring your cellphone, if it is a smartphone it can definitely help you out if you get lost. It also means you have a camera to snap a few shots along the way!

This week I mixed it up a bit, I did a long elliptical session on Thursday and went to Zumba with another one of my best friends Emily on Friday! My run last night felt great after a few days of training my legs differently. I didn’t really calculate the distance of my run before I started, but I ended up going 6.5 miles – the longest I’ve gone in a few weeks. I got in some abs and push ups and yoga afterwards since I had so much time to myself and it made for a very relaxing and healthy Saturday evening.

Now I’m off to explore the city! I’ll get in another run before we hit the town tonight for some girls weekend fun!

Mileage – 3-4 miles

QOD – The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.




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