CrossFit Day and Musical Musings

Today was a cross-training day and on days where I haven’t decided to do a class or something else outside, I try to check the WOD online for the CrossFit gym I workout at in Texas. Somedays I don’t have all the equipment or space to make it happen at my gym but today’s was a perfect match for what I needed. My workout looked like this: 

500m (easy) rowing 

AMRAP 10 minutes
12 Box Jumps (20″)
9 Push-ups (I still have to do modified because of my wrist surgery)
6 Russian Kettle Bell Swings – heavy (I used 30lbs today) 

(I completed 5 and a half – maybe I’ll do this again in a few weeks and aim for 6!)

100 sit-ups (butterfly sit-ups)

Cool Down
30 bicycles
500m (moderate) rowing 
Foam Roller
Yoga leg stretch flow 

I really enjoyed today’s workout and I got finished in time to shower and walk back upstairs to work my shift at the gym. I have to say no commute from workout to work makes life easy some days. 

But I’ve also been practicing a ton and starting to feel pretty good about my Bach Cello Suite (uhm my first grad recital is in 3 months… WHAAAAA!?) and today I stumbled across this article shared by several of my music friends. I thought it was incredibly appropriate to share because the article discusses everyone involved in music – the musicians, donators, administration, and listeners. I’ve read several articles bashing musicians on strike (HERE) and the equally biting responses (HERE) but this article discusses a speech made at the Aspen music festival that is a little bit different. Money seems to be replacing the musical experience as the end goal and in the end it hurts everyone involved – most tragically the music.

So HERE is that article and let me know what your thoughts are. I’d especially love to hear from my non-musician followers on their opinions. 

Mileage – WOD, stretching 

QOD – Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue. 




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