I only have 3 more runs left in my Runner’s World Running Streak! I will probably only take off a day or 2 from running and feel guilt free – but I will definitely not be taking a break from working out! 

I also plugged in my Nike+ yesterday and to my excitement I’d run 75 miles in the month of June. While it isn’t the most I’ve ever run in a month time frame, it showed a lot of consistency – yeah yeah I know I’m running this streak, but it showed a strong commitment to myself and my running which was really exciting for me to see in numbers. 

Running nearly everyday for almost 2 months has helped create habits that will be really hard to break. Going a day or two without running now is really hard for me, although it is a little bit easier to take the day off if I’ve planned it for my own training or rest. Building habits (healthy ones) are the most important way to develop overall health and fitness because then you’re not battling temptations or overindulgence because that’s just not a part of your lifestyle. So I’m hoping to continue building these life habits for the rest of the summer so I don’t have to make any changes when I get back to school. 

Yesterday before heading out to a Nats game, I squeezed in a run after work. It was hot and humid outside, but I figured if I didn’t check the weather, I wouldn’t know the temperature and could just go for it. Unfortunately I did not drink enough water after my run/during the game last night and woke up very dehydrated this morning. I decided to drink some water, eat breakfast and get my body in running form before I went out today. While it’s still warm out today, there’s a pre-storm breeze and a lot of cloud cover today which I’m hoping will save me in a nearly midday run. 

Mileage – 4 miles, stretching 

QOD – A man who can’t bear to share his habits is a man who needs to quit them.





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