Recovery Week and Spiderwebs.

I was all excited about my Sunday 9 miler, and then I woke up with terrible knee pain in my right knee. As the day progressed I contemplated going to the gym and working out or running just a mile, but soon I was feeling tension in both knees. I soaked twice in the bath on Sunday and did nothing extremely physical, I only walked one of the dogs I’m sitting. I’ve decided to take a break from the Squat challenge while I’m trying to finish this running streak and give myself a little bit of leg rest when the streak ends. While my streak was broken (I will still run 35 out of 39 days) I felt it was the best thing for me. 

Monday I went and ran 1 mile on the treadmill and focused the rest of my workout on my upper body doing push ups, over head presses, kettlebell work, and working on pull-ups. Tuesday I did a similar workout but this time I did 2.25 miles on the treadmill. I also did a lot of work with the foam roller to help my leg muscles relax in the hopes that it would help my knees. 

Today I woke up not long after the sun and decided to hit the pavement. I ran 3.85 miles and it felt pretty good! I’m going to stay away from the squats and keep my knees in check. I think taking this whole week down a notch as a recovery week will help me finish the running streak strong and maintain healthy legs for gearing up for fall/winter races. 

On today’s run I did one of my favorite runs on the paths around the River Hill area. I was happily running up the hill to my halfway point when I am coated in spider web. ALL OVER. It was so gross, thankfully the spider was not in the web but it was gross. Has anyone else had a problem like this?! When nature interrupts your run/walk/hike? Hit me up in the comments and I’d love to hear them! 

Mileage – 3.85 miles, stretching

QOD – A scar is a healing. After injury, a scar is what makes you whole.



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