Rough 24 Hours.

Last night I was offered a music job in Waco (on top of school of course) and I was so excited to go and see some of my old college friends later on!!!!!  Of course my car dies at a gas station 9 miles from home – BUT thanks to AAA and my awesome friend Brian we eventually met up with our friends. NO THANKS to DC and the horrible traffic situations created by the city that has shut down dozens of exits. 

This morning I woke up early and did my squat challenge plus a full 45 minutes of yoga before making breakfast. Alas in the process of cooking I locked myself out of the house for a short time, this crisis was soon averted and life seemed to be looking up because I got to go for a run and do some food prep for clean meals for this week. But then after a mildly disastrous shift at the gym, I had a dog puke and the other dog try to eat it while I was trying to eat my own dinner. Now I’m working my second shift at the gym until 3:30am. 

Getting in my workout and run, even if a short one, is one of the things keeping me sane today. Hoping to knock out 9 miles tomorrow but with the lack of sleep and temperatures I could be dealing with tomorrow, I’m not really sure what I will accomplish. 

Mileage – 1.2 miles, Squat Challenge, YOGA! 

QOD – Dum spiro, spero. 





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