Sorry for my absence from my blog!!! Today I am typing away at the kitchen table of my parents place in Bethany Beach – I’m here for a week with some of my girlfriends from college! So far my running streak continues, and today is my vegetarian day so I’m staying on track.  

Yesterday my friend Grace joined me on part of my run before the derecho hit!!! It was disgustingly humid and we went to the beach towards the late afternoon, because the rain hadn’t come all day. On our walk back, the dark clouds rolled in and less than 10 minutes later we were in a full fledged storm. It was crazy!

Today I went on my run solo and got stuck in the rain BUT it was sooo nice and cool. Then Kayla, Catherine, and I went to the gym here where I was rudely glared at by several women during my workout. I was lifting today but I don’t throw my bar down because thats generally frowned upon in general gyms – however putting down my weights still sounded loud I guess and so these women glared at me. They could clearly see I was just putting my bar down gently and it was a lot of weight so it was just loud. Ugh. Rude. 

Tomorrow it is a 9 mile day for me, hopefully I didn’t push my legs too much at the gym. 


Mileage – 2.5 miles, overhead press, deadlifts, and squat challenge.

QOD – Never quit. 



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