Friday was deadlift day. My goal was to find my new max deadlift, which is now 175lbs! It’s not amazing and I have a ways to go to my goal of 250, but I can lift way more than I used to! I even had one of the body builders in the weight room ask me if I was training for anything, I replied no. He then asked if I just lift for myself (I had been doing clean and jerks, then started stacking on my deadlift) and I said yes, he replied with “Impressive, very good.” When he left the weight room he told me “Very good today”, which totally made my day! I enjoyed the fact that another athlete appreciated the work I was doing. 

Yesterday was an 8 mile day! While it was a little humid and warm, the cloud cover, big breeze, and gentle rain towards the end made the run really nice for me – especially for the summertime. I went and ran around Centennial Lake, which I have yet to do all summer and it gave my legs a nice work out. The hills are much shorter and steeper there than they are in my neighborhood and the usual trails I run. Of course I followed the run up with the squats in my new month challenge, which resulted in today’s “Ouch!” 

I’ve been dog sitting this weekend so my parents don’t have to wake up so early to walk our dog Stella, so today I woke up at 6:30 and took her for a mile long walk. After that I laced up and ran a slow recovery run. My legs managed the run just fine, but my abs were really hurting. But it felt good to get out there and do it, plus it means my running streak is still alive! Then I came home and had a delicious breakfast I cooked myself. The remainder of today will be A LOT of yoga and stretching.  

Mileage – 3.77, push ups, yoga 

QOD – The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do. 

This bar and I spent a lot of quality time together on Friday. 


This is me interrupting Stella’s morning nap. She was not amused. 

This morning’s post-run breakfast! Old Bay scrambled egg, multigrain toast, grapes, clementine and bacon. With water and green tea to drink of course! 





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