D-Day, Vegetarian Day, and then some….

First things first, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and remember all those who served in WWII (like my Pops) and today particularly those who served in the Western Arena during the Normandy Invasion. I have been to the beaches and the American cemetery in France; it was a truly overwhelming experience. The men at Omaha, Pointe du Hoc, Juno, Gold, Sword, and Utah beaches risked their lives for the Allied cause and helped to protect our nation as well as the rest of the world. 

Now onto food… One of my summer goals was to eat vegetarian one day a week – which may not seem hard to some people, but I am all about protein in animal form. I often talk about local produce, but local grass-fed or organic meat is just as helpful to the environment and encourages more ethical, natural, and local farming practices. But since I’m running everyday and working out a lot, I still need my protein.
This is where quinoa comes in. I consider it a miracle grain because you really can do anything to it. It’s like rice but more nutrient rich and MUCH higher in protein content, I also like how quickly it cooks! Last week’s veggie day quinoa dish (which served me several lunches) was quinoa with sautéed spicy carrots, green peppers, and celery. My dinner that evening was a salad. Tomorrow will be my vegetarian meal day for this week and I’m looking to try a new quinoa recipe from my pintrest board of clean eating recipes! 

Also today I got pretty frustrated with my Nike+ band, it constantly fluctuates in mileage! I know it’s just a first world problem and it’s not that huge of an issue. However, when I’m trying to log mileage through the dang thing to meet the 144 miles goal I created on the Nike+ website it’s going to ruin meeting my goal simply because it won’t calibrate well. Dumb. 

ALSO! Started my new squat challenge! Check it out, much easier starting point for anyone interested in jumping in with me! Plus it isn’t for any specific month so you can start anytime you’d like! 

Mileage – 4 miles, squats, push ups 

QOD – America’s fighting men and women sacrifice much to ensure that our great nation stays free. We owe a debt of gratitude to the soldiers that have paid the ultimate price for this cause, as well as for those who are blessed enough to return from the battlefield unscathed.


Omaha Beach

Squat Challenge!! 




3 thoughts on “D-Day, Vegetarian Day, and then some….

  1. I love the idea of eating vegetarian a day a week! I do think you’d be surprised at how much protein you can find in non-meat products. I eat completely vegan and still run almost every day and I feel great 🙂 love your blog!

  2. yeah, its been really great! I think it has actually helped my running a lot. I’m currently reading this book about an ultra marathon runner that eats completely vegan. It’s pretty interesting and it has a lot of good recipes and running tips. It’s called Eat and Run by Scott Jurek. You might find it interesting 🙂

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