Workout Wednesday!

For some reason I decided running outside after work at 10am was a great idea – then again my alternative was the treadmill. So I braved the heat and survived 4 miles, then ran sprints for an extra mile+ on the treadmill. I don’t mind the treadmill as much for sprints because it gives me a better idea of the sprint paces I’m capable of and still need to work towards. But I prefer longer runs in general and I think if I’m going to run out in the heat I need to return to running with my water belt because it really helps me battle through the hot runs. 

After running I did planks and abs, and then arms. I worked on my push-press and kettlebells, which I upped my weight on! 

This week has been tough getting in the amount of workout and practice time I’ve wanted too by working both jobs. It’s left almost NO time for relaxing, which I’d really like after a rough semester. This is why I am SUPER excited to go to the beach/Eastern shore this weekend with my family – we’re going to have a crab feast, a cookout, and watch ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!!! Plus it is going to be pretty cool in Bethany this weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to get some longer runs in, no bikini this weekend that’s for sure. 

I’ve set a new goal on Nike+ to run 144miles in the next six weeks, which equates to 24 miles a week, which should increase the average mileage I run every time I hit the pavement. I’d love to not only reach my goal but surpass it! Hopefully this increased distance and frequency will help me reach my other fitness goals that I listed out a couple of weeks ago! 

I’m going to get in my squats later by doing them during my practice breaks, helps me stay focused so I don’t get distracted by the internet in the middle of practicing! 

Anybody else get in a great workout today?! I’d love to hear! 

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Mileage – 5.01 miles, P&S, abs, arms 

QOD – Running is a mental sport, more than anything else. You’re only as good as your training, and your training is only as good as your thinking.Image





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