Sarah&Dad – 1 Heat – 0 (plus the GIVEAWAY!)

Tonight around 6:30pm my Dad and I headed out for a 3.75-4mile run. I am not a heat person, especially when I run. But it doesn’t seem to phase my father, he runs great in any weather, whereas I am usually overly bundled for the cold and choking/wheezing in the heat. I like 50-65 degrees; that is the perfect running temperature for me. Alas tonight it was 83 and felt like 85 – ALERT TOO HOT. 

But Dad and I ran in it, no walking or stopping despite my constant desire to give up and lie down in the cool grass. I added an extra cul-de-sac at the end to hit my 4 miles that I didn’t complete yesterday. Today was one of those runs where my dad and I needed each other to finish, let alone finish strong. We kept a decent (for me in heat) 9:30ish pace and I felt so much better having finished the 4 miles today. 

Running before my practice session made me really motivated to work hard tonight on my playing, hopefully I can recreate that tomorrow (and the whole rest of the summer)! 

Also, only have 10 days left on the plank and squat challenge! Today marked my first 8 day streak, because of my trip home and finals I unfortunately missed some days here and there. But my body probably really appreciated those rest days, because now I’m hurtin’. 

LADIES! Don’t forget that Paige, Tawny, and I are giving away the adorable “Swirly Dress” from Effie and Dru!!! To enter and see some pictures of the dress go HERE!!!! 

Mileage – 4 miles, P&S, push-ups, stretch! 

QOD – The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race. It’s to test the limits of the human heart.



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