Planks, Pedicures, Paranoia, and Paleo! (RECIPE LINK!)

These planks are really whats killing me in this month long challenge, tonight I collapsed 1min 45 in of my 2:15 plank. Some days I struggle through and go from elbows to straight arms just to make it, but other days I just can’t. I certainly can feel a difference and up to about 1:30 is really strong for me, I’d probably be even better at the other times if I took a day off. It’s the constant breaking and rebuilding of those muscles that make it harder everyday. 

Pedicures! I love pedicures! I will not let anyone touch my fingernails, let alone get a manicure – I live in constant fear that someone will ruin my callouses or my bass playing career forever! Pathetic, I know, but my hands are very valuable to me. But pedicures I could get one every week and be happy. Alas I normally get one 2-4 times a year. They are an amazing thing for me as a runner. I beat up my poor toes and nails constantly, sometimes they turn black or blue, they swell, and I’ve even lost a few toenails. So treating myself to a pedicure 1) makes me feel a little less like a monster 2) is incredibly relaxing and 3) is a healing process for my constantly abused feet. I usually only go in the summer time, when my feet are “more likely” to be bare – for those of you who know me well know that I prefer to be barefoot always, soooo sorry my toe nails aren’t usually painted in the winter. 

Tonight a car drove past me really erratically, stopping once, then starting again. It really creeped me out, despite how safe my neighborhood is and the fact that it was probably a bunch of dumb high schoolers in their mini-cooper. But I became paranoid anyways, cut my run short – at least I got out there. 


On Saturday afternoon I cooked a great paleo chicken dish for a going away party. It got rave reviews (I’m in love) and is basically just a fabulous marinade-rub that I would love to share with you all! I got it from this fantastic website – Eat Drink Paleo! Everyone should check out her site for awesome recipes, articles, and resources. The chicken I made was Sweet Paprika and Lime Chicken, I doubled the recipe and sauteed my chicken because we didn’t have time to get the grill going (I was also trying to watch the Preakness and get ready for the party at the same time).





Marinating Chicken 



All cooked up! I served them with lime wedges, but I had already packaged those up when I remembered I needed a final photo! OOOPS! 




Mileage – 2.15miles, P&S, abs 

QOD – We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun.


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