Here’s the surprise you’ve all been waiting for!!!

I have teamed up with the wonderful Paige and another of her blogging friends, Tawny,  to support a fabulous new fashion site called Effie and Dru! Paige did a great interview – that you can read here – if you’d like to learn more about the site and Brittany, the woman behind the magic! 

This is Paige modeling the “Swirly Dress” that we are giving away! 




So, why a dress?! I’m a fitness and music blogger, I know – But if you’re workin’ hard you deserve a cute dress to show off the hard work in! I love dresses, they are my favorite thing to wear (mostly because it’s a quick look to accessorize and they are easy to play bass in). Fitness junkie or not, ladies you should enter to win this adorable dress!!! 

TO ENTER: Just go HERE to Paige’s site (check out more pictures) and enter at the bottom! 


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