Music, “Binds”, and Surprises…Oh My!

2 weeks ago I talked about my summer fitness goals (I did push ups today!) and I mentioned I would follow up with my musical goals. This semester was rough for my solo bass playing with family things, two work intense academic courses, and wind ensemble tour. BUT I felt like I made a lot of improvements in my orchestral and jazz playing, I’ve also made large strides in technical areas I have been consistently working on this year. That being said, I have a lot of work to do this summer, especially to prepare for my recital next fall! 

Bass Playing Goals 

1) Scales/Etudes for 1.5-2hours every day

2) Work my way through the whole “Strokin'” book for right arm technique 

3) Learn and memorize Bach Cello Suite No. 1 

4) Strengthen the excerpts I already learned this year 
     – reach audition tempos 
     – learn other segments that may have not been on our final 

5) Learn the rest of my repertoire for my recital! 
    – Vanhal Concerto
    – 20th century work! 


Binds….so today I took my first actual yoga class in months. I usually practice on my own in my apartment and that is enough for my stretching needs. But today I wanted a good butt kicking in balance and strength so I took a flow yoga class. We did lots of “binds” aka ridiculous twist poses where your arms are through your legs or around your back and linked – or some similar crazy pose. The strength and balance was plenty killer, and the stretching worked out the pain in my squat pained legs. I think I’ll try and get to a class once a week outside of my own practice, I enjoy a hurt-so-good yoga session every once and awhile. 

Surprises! I’m working on a great surprise for my readers with my awesome blogging friend Paige and some of her blog friends! 


Mileage – P&S Challenge, Kettlebell push-up circuit, and flow yoga! 

QOD – Music happens to be an art-form that transcends language. 





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