Officially Summer

FINALS. ARE. OVER. FINALS ARE OVER!!! Hooray!!! I am officially done year 1 of graduate school. It was a rough semester so I am very glad that it’s over and I survived. My squat and plank challenge and running took a slight hit however on my adventure back to Maryland with my dad.

Today – my first day home, my first day of summer – I went for a great hilly run and got back on the squat and plank challenge bandwagon. I also had my first day back working at the gym, and let me say spending 3-8 hours at a gym really motivates you. It’s tiring being on my feet the whole time after a run, but it is totally socially acceptable to stretch while your working, or do calf raises when folding towels.

Tomorrow I’ll post my musical goals for the summer and talk about some super long term fitness goals – stay tuned!!!

Blogging friends – how do you expand your readership? I love my friends and family reading, but I’d love to reach out to strangers and the general online fitness community! Any tips? Advice?

Mileage – 5.5 miles , S&PC

QOD – Practice puts brains in your muscles.

Here are some photos from my trip!! The Book Depository where JFK was shot from (the slightly open window on the 6th floor is where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot from) and the other picture is the memorial to Lincoln at his birthplace!!




4 thoughts on “Officially Summer

  1. I’ve found that the best way to gain readers is by reading other blogs and leaving meaningful comments! The more you interact on other peoples blogs, the more likely they are to stop by yours! πŸ™‚ Giveaways helps by getting your name out there…but theres also the risk that they are just “following” to get an extra point. Theres good and bad to it! I’ve found several of my favorite blogs that way though…

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