Wow, already I can tell a difference after 6 days of this squat challenge. Tonight I did them while watching the Caps game – and actually it was a nice distraction, plus it kept me from being lazy in front of the TV. And by lazy I mean freaking out the entire game. I was studying for Middle Ages during the intermissions, so I was doing work. 

But when I went for my run my legs were telling me I had neglected on stretching the past few days, and with the squats I’m doing, I really need to stretch. I hit the foam roller hard tonight and got in some good yoga time.  Also I’ve been pretty speedy the past few days, running an 8:32 pace on Friday, 9:10 pace yesterday and 9:11 pace today! That’s exciting for me!!! I’d love to stay below 9:30 on anything less than 5 or 6 miles. The squats and planks continue, but I’m interested to see how they make me feel on my long run on Thursday (10-13miles).

Mileage – 2.75, challenge, yoga

QOD – Commit to be fit. 



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