Time to talk real about food – I am not the cleanest eater in the world by far. I cheat often enough, especially since I drink alcohol and I loooove me some cheese. But I will ALWAYS champion the concept of eating clean and natural and I will continue to push myself to eat better. I firmly believe that my generally clean eating habit, along with exercise, is why I never get headaches. I know it sounds strange, but people around me constantly complain of headaches. I’m pretty sure my worst headaches were from hitting my head really hard on something or low blood sugar if my eating schedule is thrown off. Eliminating sugar and other sweeteners is really the best thing for you, which I really try to stick to in my everyday eating. 

Eating cleaner doesn’t have to overhaul your whole diet, you can change bits and pieces of what you eat. Clean eating is also an incredible way to save money, support your local economy, and help the environment. I can guarantee that almost any one of you reading this has a local Farmer’s market nearby – now they may not all be as frequent and as amazing as my beloved Harrisonburg Farmer’s market where I shopped at least once a week – but they probably have really great seasonal produce (often organic or all natural) that can revamp your eating habits. These local farmers work to grow plants seasonally which works with the environment and prevents harmful large farming practices. You can buy in bulk and freeze fruits and vegetables yourself for the future and I guarantee the local produce will taste a million times better. Meat is usually sold organic, minus harmful growth hormones. I’ve had fun finding the new vegetables here in Texas that I never saw in VA or MD because they didn’t grow there. Here’s an AWESOME chart telling you when some fruits/veggies are in season when – this will help you know when to buy local, and when the grocery store produce will be freshest! 


That being said I understand the benefits of buying some fruits and veggies in the store, I definitely do. Bananas are a no-brainer – I still hate the after taste, but I can feel a difference in my recovery time now that I have more potassium in my diet. And this is where you can save so much money. If you really calculate out the costs for almost all produce (except berries which are usually the most expensive) it will provide you with a fuller plate and healthier meal at a much lower price than a microwave meal or fast food. Like I’ve mentioned before, eating every color of the rainbow in produce gives you nearly all of your vitamins and minerals. I don’t take a multi-vitamin anymore because I get everything I need to from my food. 

Making your own anything will keep your eating healthier and cleaner. I love to make my own salsa, guacamole, salad dressings, and dips. I use fresh ingredients and store them for a week or two (depending on what I made) in mason jars in my fridge. I will even say this, it is so much better to make your own sweets if you’re going to eat them because you still control the ingredients. You can replace sweeteners or cheeses with greek yogurt, honey, or homemade applesauce (super easy in a crockpot). 

Finally – it’s summer time get out there and grill people! I’m grilling with some friends tonight! 


Mileage – 3.25miles, planks and squats, yoga!   

QOD – Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right. 


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