Summer Goals – You got any?!

With my summer officially starting in a week, I figure it’s time to establish some fitness goals for the summer. Last summer I didn’t really have any specific goals, I just lifted a little more than before to prepare for the ToughMudder and I totally slacked off. But the summer before I had my marathon training to hold me accountable. So this year, this blog post telling all of you what I’m going to is what’s going to kick start my summer of fitness.  

I’ve decided to divide up my goals by running, leg strength, arm strength, and food. I am in different levels of fitness in all of these areas and I want to improve them all, but some will take more time than others. 

Running Goals
– Find a fall race (half or full marathon)
   – then establish a new goal time
– Run a sub 27:00 5k
– Run a sub 8:30 mile 

Leg Strength Goals
– Improve back squat 1 rep max by 30lbs
– Find 1 rep max front squat
  – improve by 10-20lbs
– Still thinking on this one
– Wall ball squat and throws
   – not sure how to quantify this one yet, I just want to be able to do more at a heavier weight

Arm Strength Goals 

– Build consistency in hand placement and limit elbow motion
– Be able to do 25 modified push-ups without a break
   – 2 count down, up, 2 count hold
– Be able to do 10 regular pushups
– Be able to do 15 assisted pull-ups
– Be able to do 5 unassisted pull-ups 

Food Goals
– Meal plan at least 30 meals/snacks a week
  (roughly 3 meals and 2 snacks, 6 days a week)
– Eat vegetarian 1 day a week
– Eat clean 4-5 days a week
– ….alcohol, really try to eliminate beer and mixed drinks with sugar/unhealthy additives  

I want to see my body improve over the course of the summer, rather than heading back to school regretting too many margaritas and horrible happy hour food selections (which usually taste better with just agave, lime, triple sec and tequila anyways). The nice thing about being at home will be working at the gym – how can you not be motivated to work out when you work at a gym almost everyday?! – and being close to health food stores like Roots. Plus eating out isn’t fun alone and since most of my friends live farther away it can be a special occasion thing. 

Do you have any fitness, food, or health goals for this summer?! Share them with me and we can be motivational buddies! 


Mileage – Crossfit day (rowing, pull ups, push ups, kettle bells, box jumps, back extensions)

QOD – Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.



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