Musicians should be fit.

I should be finishing a handout on Eleanor of Aquitaine and 2 of the most famous troubadours, but I was just reading a series of articles that popped up in my procrastination process. It once again confirmed my fears for all the musicians in my life who don’t take physical activity seriously. This article discusses musical athletes, and why musicians should work out just like the person who sits at a desk all day. 

Musicians, particularly still in their educational pursuits, are a highly stressed group of individuals. We spend hours a day practicing our craft, hoping our natural positions are suited to our body. But many of these poses are not, often we have developed poor habits that place tension on our muscles, bones, and joints. Musicians are more likely to abuse alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or food to deal with the exhaustion and mental stress of music theory, music history, lessons, juries, ensembles, chamber groups, recital attendance, attempting to have a social life, and completely abandoning sleep – all on top of trying to practice the instrument that got us to school in the first place.

For me, the negative impact of my musical education changed when I started running. I stopped going to therapy for my OCD, my bass playing dramatically improved, my ability to handle stressful situations became easier and more natural, and it taught me a dedication to hard work –  I had often previously relied on talent.

Any type of cardio or fitness activity could change the aforementioned problems for other musicians as well. Being physically active has so many benefits:
– promoting sleep
– controlling weight 
– prevention of disease 
– mood improvement or behavioral control
– increase in energy 

This also applies to everyone, I think everyone should take care of their body, that’s just me. Now I’m done my rant and will return to making handouts. 

Mileage – Rest/Yoga & foam roller 

QOD – We do not stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising. 


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