The End of the Semester….

The past week and a half has been KILLER on my eating habits and working out. I had to cancel a Crossfit class last week and just missed one entirely this week due to concerts and masterclasses. Then with my paper due on Monday and the ensuing exhaustion, I didn’t work out at all Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Thankfully Ben and I ran last Friday, I got a 5k in on Saturday and got back to my routine at Crossfit yesterday. I actually think it hurt my mood and started making me feel sick because I wasn’t getting the endorphin kick I’m used to having everyday from my work-outs. I feel SO much better today.

The only foods in my fridge are condiments, water, eggs, cilantro, and half a lime…So I’ve been throwing together hodge-podge meals of frozen veggies, what’s left of my meat stock, and some sort of whole grain. I did make a delicious omelette the other day when I had a little turkey left, it was clean except for the brown sugar in the homemade BBQ sauce! Of course I was entirely procrastinating working on my huge paper for Middle Ages seminar (I am SO relieved it’s done). Down time and money my eating has just turned into consuming nothing almost all day, or eating whatever free food is offered to me. I haven’t turned to fast food or anything like that – still trying to stick to salads, wraps, fruit, or hummus cups when I eat on campus so even if it’s not clean my food is at least healthy.

I have 1 week and 5 days to complete my # of run goals I set on NikePlus…. so I need 8 more runs. Good thing the semester is dying down earlier rather than later!

Mileage – 5k, abs, pushups, yoga

QOD – What fits your busy schedule better, exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?
(I really needed to pull this one out of the jar)




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