Yesterday morning I was so excited to share with everyone my thoughts on the Boston Marathon. My hopes and dreams of running it some day, the inspiring wheelchair racers, and how I followed the elite women on a live twitter feed throughout class and practicing. But all that was changed. At 3:50pm CT, I checked my twitter feed to see if they had posted elites below the top 4 times, instead I found articles about explosions. As I watched the story unfold with the rest of the world, I was deeply saddened. I texted, messaged, or did whatever I could to contact many of my Boston friends and friends I knew running the race – who are thankfully all safe. 

This act of terror is filled with hatred which so deeply contrasts the camaraderie of runners and races, particularly the Boston Marathon. Runners will continue to run, the Boston Marathon will continue to happen. Keep the injured, victims’ families, Boston, and the running community in your thoughts and prayers. And also Virginia Tech – neVer forgeT 4/16/07. 

Today I am wearing a race shirt in honor of Boston, to show my support for the runners, the city, and the freedom we have to run in this country. I will also play music today and hope to embody this beautiful quote: 



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