Austin 10/20!!! Race Recap!

Today I ran the Austin 10/20 in 1:36:31 – which is an awesome personal best for me!!! The race had 20 stages along the way with 20 local bands. I did run with my iPod, but I took out my headphones to hear all the bands – some were awesome and others were…not my style. I thought the concept was really great, but it would have been a much more fun race if it was closer to downtown Austin. I would have loved to “explore the sights and sounds” of Austin as they suggested for afterwards, but it wasn’t worth the 15 minute drive to the heart of Austin. So instead we did that last night after picking up my race packet. I love the city more every time I visit. 

I am convinced there was an optical illusion going on because I never ever felt the downhills of all the hills we were running. We would run up a hill, loop back to go “down it” and suddenly I was running uphill again. WTH?!?! But it’s okay –  I enjoyed it being a hilly race because I think it slowed me down from pushing too early, which I would have possibly done because my legs felt great! Also, hills are one of the best ways to work on speed, I ran through all of them because you’ll never get better by walking them! As usual I didn’t eat before the race and ate my Honey Stingers between miles 5 and 6, I don’t know what I did differently this time, but this is my first race longer than a 10k where I didn’t have to stop to use the bathroom, which definitely helped with running  a personal best. 

Driving to races is pretty sucky, especially when you need 1.5-2 hours to get there, and have to wake up at 5am or earlier. This was my first distance road race where I didn’t have either of my wonderful parents to cheer me on, be with me after the race, or drive me – I did do it alone for the ToughMudder too. It’s a little tough because I was already tired from driving there and then driving back I had to stop twice because I was really exhausted while driving. I think I’m going to skip the far away races or find ones where I can stay close by in the future because it’s pretty mentally taxing.

Speaking of cheering me on however, I’d love to thank race spectators. Some are there cheering on family and friends, but others just come to watch the race. People have great signs, smile at you, cheer for you and even give high fives and that truly means something to me as a runner. It’s great at every big race I’ve run and it seems really neat to get the community involved in the events.

In the end it was an awesome race. Now stretch and nap time. 

Mileage – 10 miles! 

QOD – Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. 





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