The Color “Run”

On Saturday, Sean and I did the Color Run, aka the Happiest 5k on Earth. It should however be renamed to the Color Party or the Color Walk. Because no one ran. No. One. At least in our starting group. Sean and I were elbowing and zigzagging and doing everything under the sun to keep a decent pace and break a sweat. I think the concept is GREAT. We did have an absolute blast with the color. However next time I would love to see the walkers and runners separated by a start time, or have estimated mile times divide the starts. People also did some crazy things, like roll on the ground in the colors, stand still and spin in circles in the colors, go backwards to get more colors. 

Obviously I did not break a record time, I didn’t even realize there’s not a clock on the whole race. No start time, finish time, tag, not anything. We still managed to finish in 30:28 but after the 27:28 a few weeks ago it really didn’t feel like a killer race time haha. But we had fun and I would definitely do it again, just not counting it as a workout. 

Today we did this killer 5 minute cycle of butterfly sit ups and V-ups and it was PAINFUL. But I need more of those, and we’re doing something like it again on Wednesday. WOOOO. Today has to be an easy-ish week on the legs because the Austin 10/20 is on SUNDAY!!!! So excited, so so soooo excited!! 

Mileage – Crossfit, 400’s, yoga 

QOD – You can fight without winning, but never ever win without a fight.



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