Breaking Records…

Well… breaking my personal records haha. My week of social working out continued tonight when I went running with Michael! I was so glad he texted me about a run tonight because 1) I was going to sit in my sweats on the couch with wine and 2) he always pushes me to run the best I can. So tonight we ran the Bear Trail twice, and each lap was a personal record for me aka NEGATIVE SPLIT! 

We ran a 9:04 pace. It’s been a recent goal of mine to run a sub 21:00 lap on the Bear Trail, just once, but today I did it TWICE (20:43 and 20:32). I’ve never run that close to a 9min pace for over 4 miles, maybe even for over 3 miles, I’m not positive. But it was a really great run and I feel like I pushed a lot this week. I didn’t even have setting my goal in mind tonight. Now it’s time to break 20:00….never stop pushing. 

TOMORROW IS A REST DAY. YES. Then my social week concludes Saturday morning with running the COLOR RUN DALLAS with Sean and his family! I am so excited to finally do a color run! 

Mileage 4.58 miles 

QOD – Running is a mental sport….and we’re all insane! 



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