This week has been the week of working out with others and it’s been wonderful! CrossFit Monday night and tonight, hiking with Darbi on Monday, and running with Ben on Tuesday! Tonight’s run was the first workout of the week that I’ve done solo. So to recap:

Monday we had off school for the Easter holiday, so Darbi (check out her awesome blog!!) and I went and hiked the riverside trail in Cameron Park. I was shocked with how pretty and peaceful it was, I loved it! I could also see some other more strenuous trails to check out and I’ve heard of some fences to hop for the best views. Luckily we didn’t go too crazy because I had 400s on Monday in the CF workout. I shaved 10 seconds off my time for every lap from the previous weeks 400s!!!

Tuesday, after a great Solid State rehearsal, Ben and I went for a Bear Trail run! While I will always be a solo runner, it’s great to have someone to go with when the run is just for fun, you need a mood booster, or you’re feeling unmotivated. It was a great pace and talking while running helped me not overexert myself. Which was good because…

Today’s workout involved a 3 rep heavy weight “Bear” series, involving power cleans, front squats, overhead press, and back squats. I went pretty heavy and felt like I could have managed 5 or 10 more lbs if my wrists hadn’t been bothering me. Then came my least favorite exercise – pushups. Since my wrist surgery, 7 YEARS ago last month, I have avoided pushups. I was told by my doctors that I wasn’t supposed to do any pushups for a few years while my hand and wrist muscles developed without the removed tendons, “no pushups” was fine by me. Except now I really hate them. When we did our fitness assessments in my swimming GKIN class fall of my senior year the only two parts I didn’t score in the top range were chest press (which was “average”) and my pushups (which were “poor”). It was totally embarrassing and since then have devoted time to trying to improve them even if I’ll never get off my knees for more than 10. So today the daunting task of 100 pushups, even if broken up by rowing was really scary. Some of the form towards the end wasn’t great but I did all 100!!!! It was nice to have the camaraderie of the other people doing the workout, I probably would have given up if it weren’t for them. I’m finally learning names and making friends in my classes too, which is always a nice thing.

Then to get my heart rate up even more, I ran a 5k. Actually, I really didn’t want to run after the workout but I’d told myself I would run 5 days this week and the weather was too nice for running to pass up on.

Mileage – 5k, CrossFit

QOD – We wouldn’t be alive without love we wouldn’t have survived without running maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that getting better at one could make you better at the other. (HAH this is great)




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