When I was playing sports growing up I used to think I was a good sprinter. Then, when I started running in college, I realized distance is more my forte and left short distance running behind me. But lately I’ve noticed both distance and short speed should exist in my fitness life.

I’ve always read articles talking about how to get faster – and they always mention 400s or 800s. I just ignored that section, I didn’t have a track and could just do hills or times sprints and get the same results. Or so I thought. The 400 intervals at Crossfit totally changed my perspective. I ran 10 miles on Saturday and today, despite a recovery run yesterday and hiking today, I still shaved 10 seconds off of all my 400s from last week. I haven’t seen a dramatic distance speed increase yet in my regular runs, I’m only in week 2 of this new regimen, but I’ve learned to pace my kick and how long I can sprint for.

I’m nodding off while typing this in my bed, I will share more tomorrow about today’s hike!

Mileage – Crossfit

QOD – Man imposes his own limitations, don’t set any.



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