Double Digits!

My goal for today was to run 9 miles in preparation for the Austin 10/20 on April 14th. It’s been pretty cool here in the mornings recently and there’s been decent wind most days so I decided not to set an alarm knowing I’d wake up around 8. MISTAKE. I rushed to get out the door once I checked the weather and realized the last 1/3 of my run would be in 73 degree sunshine. Thankfully there were a lot of trees on my run and the sun really wasn’t bad until the last 2 miles or so.

I mapped out my run in advance as an out and back and found both my 9 mile turning point and a 9.6 mile turning point, which were on a monster hill. The hill was killer – I’d never run that far into Cameron Park before! – but y’all know me, I never turn down a challenge, so I ran to the top to make the 9.6 mile turning point. And then when I hit 9.6 running home I just kinda knew I had to run the extra few blocks for the 10 miler. It wasn’t easy, but I feel so much better, any run in the double digits makes me feel like I have the beast mode engaged. Yup, super cheese-tastic, oh well haha.

Now for a more controversial topic – eating before a run. When I run at night, obviously I have eaten before my run, I don’t starve myself all day. However, I never eat before I run in the morning, especially before a long run! At first I used to feel really guilty as if I was doing something wrong, everybody always talks about fueling up for their runs. But overtime I’ve come to realize running isn’t about following all the rules, it’s just about running and doing what’s best for your body.

Yes, there are times I agree with the “rules” and recommendations laid out in articles. For example, not stretching after a run is a bad idea, without stretching your muscles are more prone to tears, strains, and knots. Contrarily, an ice bath after a run isn’t necessary for everyone, maybe icing specific joints or stretching in a cool room works for you. So today on my long run I was very aware of my hunger early on in the run, however I held off until it was time to eat my Honey Stinger chews, which are incredibly easy to digest and much better tasting than gels, and my hunger subsided. I do eat relatively soon after a run, usually a full meal if it’s a long morning run because I don’t want to skip meals, and just a piece of fruit and some peanut butter if it’s a night run. Food helps your body heal more than you think!

Today’s run was also a success because I tanned a shade or two! Whoop! It’s going to be hot and sunny so you can bet I’ll be outside on my balcony soaking up the rays while doing research. Then when the night comes I’ll go beast it out in the practice rooms, which I love on breaks because I can always find a music stand!!!


Mileage – 10miles, abs, yoga

QOD – We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

IMG_2882 IMG_2879


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