On the Road

On the bus again, we’re about to arrive in Greenville, SC for a short afternoon rehearsal before hitting the road again.

So this trip we’ve been eating at a lot of malls. A LOT. Or student centers, maybe a gas station stop occasionally. It takes me back to the days of high school spring trip where my friends and I would buy $100 worth of junk food and eat it all throughout the trip. And I can say when the people around me on the bus rolled up with Nutty Bars – mmmm gurl – I was a little envious, but I ate my trail mix and was perfectly content. At the malls I just eat a chopped veggie delight salad from Subway with dressing on the side. I can’t say my eating has been particularly exciting, but other than the amazing dessert reception last night (I ate grapes and some delicious cookies) I’ve really been sticking to my guns.

This is especially important because I was too exhausted to run yesterday and today we had to wake up at 5:40 just to get to the buses on time so a run wasn’t happening. Then the buses were over an hour late. It was awesome. Not. Anyways I’ve been trying really hard and getting in a few runs and sticking to my salads, homemade snacks, and packed fruit has kept me feeling pretty healthy despite the cramped spaces, horrible lack of sleep, and long, intense rehearsals.

Tomorrow and Friday I will have the hotel gym and we can sleep in HOORAY!!!!

Mileage – 0…stretching and using my resistance band on the bus

QOD – Strive for progress, not perfection.



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