Fitness Bloggers Unite!

So I’m sitting on a bus somewhere around the lovely city of Texarkana, a city that encompasses the Texas-Arkansas border – CLEVER. We’re also watching Skyfall which makes me happy because I love Bond movies, Daniel Craig is such an amazing Bond!!!! Anyways, the bus has WiFi and after a brief Pintrest bonanza I decided to start looking up other fitness blogs because in all of my time blogging about running and now food I’ve never actually read another fitness bloggers blog. I’ve stumbled upon several ones I really seem to like and will continue perusing over time. 

Here are my favorites:

Fitness tumblrs and twitters are popular too if you need some motivation or good quotes, but they give you much less of a story and personality than a blog can sometimes (except WSWCM, HDIPTG, WSWCGS, WSWCC, WIM, I love these amazing tumblrs). 

Woah, I rarely post twice in a day so I’m not sure how to wrap this post up?!?! 

Mileage – still 5k, abs, and oh I dunno a couple hundred miles on a bus 

QOD (2) – Running should be a lifelong activity. Approach it patiently and intelligently, and it will reward you for a long, long time. 


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