So I’m typing this post while pedaling away on light resistance on the elliptical, because despite 4 days of working out in a row, I’m scared to take a day off because of tour! Plus it’s nice to get your legs moving after a hard run, yesterday’s 6 miles of hills really gave my legs a hard time.

But back to tour…this coming Thursday the Baylor Wind Ensemble is performing at the CBDNA conference and Dr. Wilson felt this made for a great opportunity to travel and perform across the south and get exposure for the Baylor music program. I’m excited about tour and CBDNA of course, but with 3 races in the next month I’m obviously concerned about the tour’s impact on my training and eating habits. Most nights we are sleeping in home stay houses or on the bus even, so I won’t have the opportunity to use a hotel gym until next Wednesday. Our schedule is jam packed (a little excessively in my opinion) and so my hope is some of the home stay families will be cool with me running around their neighborhood.

My other concern is food. Everywhere we’re stopping is fast food oriented – malls, food courts, chick-fil-a, etc. This really doesn’t work for me. Even if I only eat 90% clean usually, I definitely can’t stomach fast food anymore (I tried once 2 weeks ago and it was horrible), let alone fast food nearly every meal for a week. I’ve made it clear on some of our pre-ordered meals that I don’t/can’t eat white flours – which I haven’t for a long time even before clean eating because my GI said my stomach couldn’t handle it. I’ve also already made my clean fruit and oat clusters, pre portioned trail mix packs, and bought fruit I can bring and eat if I can’t find anything healthy and close to clean. My current game plan is to find places where I can get salads without dressing, fruit cups, or grilled chicken breasts. I think I have to be even more careful about my eating habits over tour because we’ll be tired after long days and I think our first instinct is to eat junk during those times.

So hopefully if I crackdown extra hard next week I can shed the last pound or 2 to reach my next mini goal and finally get the massage I promised myself.

Mileage – Elliptical, Abs, yoga

QOD – True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington.

Photo day!
Here’s my fruit and oat clusters



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