Spring Break, where are you?!

Started my morning with my last CrossFit on ramp. Despite what I originally said I signed up for 6months of 2 days a week, which is awesome because I can freeze my account over summer and winter breaks.

Now my mama, who is one of my fitness role models, was concerned I’d go over board and turn into some of the crazy obsessed CrossFit people she knows. I don’t see it as a problem, those people are incredibly fit, but I think I can reap some of the benefits without dedicating my life to it. So don’t worry Mom! I haven’t the time or the money to do it more than 2x a week, plus running is still my priority. Strength and high interval training will help with my speed and help balance my upper body with my legs. Also, I just can’t commit to going paleo, clean is hard enough during a week like this. The level of will it took to resist a Starbucks oatmeal cookie last night was intense.

So after CrossFit I came home and a not pleasant incident, that will be left without details, occurred. So I went for a 6 mile run to calm down, then came home to find out my fish died. What did I do to deserve this week?!

I know it’s Thursday and that’s usually one of my best practice days but I have a long concert tonight, and a lot of work due tomorrow so I think I’m just going to take a day off, take a bubble bath and focus on finishing my academic work today. At least I got in a good workout. I cannot wait for a stiff drink on Saturday when I get home and see my family!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mileage – CrossFit training, 6 miles, yoga

QOD – If you’re going through hell, keep going. (Gotta love Winston Churchill)

Haven’t eaten a Girl Scout cookie in years, but I must say this plan sounds pretty good right about now. Alas, it’ll never work for me.


Here’s my delicious Latin cuisine inspired salad of the week!



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