Rest and Not Relax Day

Today was a rest day other than my morning yoga routine. Originally I planned on running 3 miles then I realized I haven’t taken a day off in 4 days so I figured I should probably do that before I go to CrossFit and run 6ish miles tomorrow morning. However rest doesn’t necessarily mean relaxation.

I am currently sitting in what I consider to be one of my personal hells. The library…during midterms week…surrounded by loud annoying people…without tea…. and all without my computer which has a failed hard drive. I had to drag all 10 of my book sources to the library to work on my detailed outline for Middle Ages seminar – that in itself is a workout.

Otherwise today actually has been wonderful. I worked on my midterm, practiced a ton, had a good run through with wind ensemble, started work on Mahler 2 in orch rep (I LOVE MAHLERRRRR!!!!), and talked about my blog with my professor. While I’m a very private person about my bass playing, although he hasn’t read my blog he said it might be interesting to make the blog more equal parts “racing” and “bassist”. After a few hours of contemplation I’ve decided I’ll make more of an effort to share my bass journey as well. 

I made spicy ground turkey the other day. I’ve been eating it on salads with avocado and homemade salsa and it’s one of the easiest multi-meals I’ve ever made (outside of a crockpot of course). Avocado’s are one of the most delicious foods ever. Everyone should eat them. 

Sorry guys, I rambled a lot today. No shame. The library is really stressing me out. 

Mileage – Morning yoga! 

QOD – You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.


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