The Treadmill

I have blogged many a time about my hatred for the treadmill. I get bored, it bothers my joints, there are a myriad of issues I have with treadmills. Today I realized my biggest qualm, they make me feel weak. I can run 10 miles outside but for some reason just one mile at even my slower pace is an uphill battle for me on the machine of death.

It was thunderstorming when I got to the gym this morning and since it hadn’t stopped by the time I was finished lifting, I stared at the treadmill warily. I hopped on and ran a mile at my 5k pace. I decided it wouldn’t be worth it to try for the mileage I would outside. So I cranked the incline to 15. Alternating walking and minute sprints while gradually decreasing the incline and increasing my sprint speed I managed another 25 minutes on the monster. I didn’t like it, but it was killer on my legs so it was worth it.

Moral of the story: I just need to sac up and do it.

Mileage – 3ish miles, lifting, abs

QOD – The five S’s of sports training are: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit; but the greatest of these is Spirit.


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