Speed Demon?

I’m not sure what happened, but since my fast run on Sunday, I’ve stayed well below my usual pace. I felt like I completely cruised through my 5 miler yesterday and 4 miler today, which was after a long day of nursing a hangover (no, alcohol isn’t clean but remember I refused to sacrifice it). 

I’d love to keep this speed up for shorter runs but I’m definitely going to have to pull back on long runs so I don’t hurt myself or push too far. I know I’ve talked about hills for speed…but I have to find some hills in Waco first haha. I’m aiming for 25 miles this week and despite being overwhelmed with recording an audition tape I think I will not only make it happen, but logging the miles might preserve my sanity. Tomorrow this recording will be done and I will be SO relieved. 

Also, it was 45 degrees on my run tonight and it felt like perfection. The weather finally got the winter memo. 

Mileage – 4 miles, yoga

QOD – Ask yourself “Can I give more?”, the answer is usually “Yes”. 


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