Back in the Game

WHOOP WHOOP. 7 miles!!!!! I’m excited, I feel like I’m really getting back to a regular training schedule. I followed it up with yoga, abs, and then a shopping trip at the Waco Farmer’s Market for some local produce and meats. I snagged some carrots, lettuce, free range chicken sausage, and sweet spinach. I’m still trying to figure out the produce seasons here, but it’s great that the farmer’s market is YEAR ROUND! 

I think I’ve decided to run the Heels and Hills Half Marathon in Irving, TX May 6th! It’s a less expensive race which is good because I’m running 2 (hopefully 3) other races this semester! It’s also geared towards women and smaller, which I think will be fun to participate in since most of my other distance races have been really big. 

Race Season Spring 2013

February 9th – Hot Chocolate 5k (with Chelsea!) 

April 6th – Color Run (with Sean!) 

??? April 14th – Austin 20/10 (10 miler) 

May 6th – Heels and Hills Half Marathon


Tomorrow is the HARBOWL!!! Go Ravens!!! I’m having people over and I’m making so much awesome food, while it’s not all clean I’ve tried to make a lot of it healthier by using organic or natural products and lighter ingredients such as Neufchatel instead of full fat cream cheese – I’ve also snuck in a lot of vegetables such as tomatoes and spinach! My desserts won’t be clean at all but I don’t mind, I think they’ll be delicious and go fast so I won’t be tempted by any leftovers! 

Past few days have been crazy but I’ve managed to get in all my runs, which makes me feel and sleep much better even when I’m stressed.


Mileage – 7miles, abs, yoga 

QOD – Others may not have high expectations for me, but I have high expectations for myself. 



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