Long Run!

Approximately 10 weeks ago I recall tweeting something along the lines of “I may have underestimated this ITB injury” since then I have run one MAYBE two 5 milers and I had to drop out of the Waco Marathon (which would have been tomorrow). And the one 5 miler I had to walk a couple times  – it was also 85 degrees at 3pm, ooops. Since then my ITB has healed well, but my legs have been struggling and it’s been a long road of rest, run, tension, rest, run, repeat until I decided to take action and see a physical therapist before returning to Texas. 

Not surprisingly, the physical therapist found my hips were out of alignment (which I had blogged about occurring two summers ago when training for the MCM). She realigned them and did a few more tests. Come to find out, I had seriously taut hip flexors and I wasn’t stretching them properly. Also, yoga had been my running savior but when I got too busy I stopped last semester, so the therapist thought this is what caused my injuries.  The therapist recommended new stretching and strengthening exercises which I have been doing religiously. 

As a result today I ran my first 6 mile “long run” in 10 weeks!!!! My legs felt great. It wasn’t my fastest pace, but significantly faster than I was expecting. This will have been a 20 mile week for me, which I’m very excited about. I am looking to crank up my long runs by 1-2 miles per week and take every fourth week as an easier week, just like my marathon training schedule. Hopefully I’ll be back doing real long runs in 4-6 weeks!! 

Mileage – 6 miles 

QOD – “To know what you are doing, to know that you are a complete athlete, begins with believing you are a runner.”


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