All things new!

It has been 6 MONTHS since I last blogged. I had fallen off the bandwagon even before then and it might not have been for the best. My few devoted readers and all the other friends who read my blog helped keep me accountable training for my first marathon! And I think it’s about time I crank this back into high gear.

Since I last shared my fitness life with y’all, I have moved to Texas for graduate school at Baylor University (Sic ‘Em Bears!), completed a Tough Mudder, sustained a really sucky ITBand injury, and recently gone “clean”.

I figured since I was starting fresh on some fitness goals and going to be including a lot more nutrition (and photographs!) I’d give the page a facelift. Thoughts?!

“Clean eating” has become popular for it’s holistic values, elimination of processed foods, and general health benefits. It essentially eliminates any manmade substance from your diet. Preservatives, food dyes, “flavorings”, really anything that be considered too far from the original source to provide health benefits. For my own purposes, there are two things I am not completely eliminating from my diet. One is cheese – I will definitely be pulling back to primarily soft, part skim cheeses, but it’s a food I truly can’t entirely relinquish. The second is alcohol – I have decided to almost completely eliminate beer from my diet however. While I love IPA’s my body isn’t fond of beer and a constantly growling stomach gets real awkward in a 6 person class. Other than that I’ve tried to drop everything else. I even made my own bread!!

Also, since I last blogged about my health and fitness I gained about 15 lbs 😦 BUMMER. But having lost 5 lbs already thanks to clean eating (and WW – it really works) I’d like to get down to my March weight of last year which would involve losing about 15 more lbs. I’m not setting a time limit, although it would be great to accomplish this goal before the end of the semester. Also this time the weight is coming off and staying off. I think clean eating as a lifestyle will really help me maintain my weight. Plus a lower weight means faster speeds.

So far I only have one race in the future scheduled – Color Run Dallas – but I’m looking at running the Austin 10/20 and repeating my favorite race so far – the Marine Corps Historic Half.

Alright that’s enough blabbing for now, but I’m excited to be back in action.

Mileage – weight training, abs, yoga

QOD – Food is your body’s fuel. Without fuel, your body wants to shut down


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