People make me HAPPY!

The past couple of days with graduation coming up and finishing all my work I’ve just gotten myself into an emotional knot. I haven’t been working it all out or relieving any stress and today it just all built up. I miss my friends that have graduated already, or the ones that I don’t get to see anymore and I wish I could hang out with them all more with the end of the semester rolling around. The lack of routine also makes me tense and  I know when I get stressed I need to take it out on something but I’ve been too lazy to run this week and it caught up to me. So this afternoon I decided to snap myself out of it!

I put on my iPod because I just wanted to drown everything out and I didn’t set a distance or a pace or a goal, I just went out and ran. It felt great, I needed it. I felt like everything that was jumbled in my head went right back into place! All these people were in the park, couples holding hands, moms with baby strollers, other JMU students running, families playing and when we crossed paths I would smile at them and they would smile back. IT MADE ME FEEL GREAT!!! Some days people just stare at you when you smile at them, but today even a few waved or said Hi. It just made me so much happier. People make me happy. If I hadn’t gone for the run I probably would’ve just sat moping around my house. Instead I just needed people, not even ones I knew, and it was perfect.


Mileage – 5 miles and sprints

QOD – Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.


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