Gonna Make It!!

I was starting to get a little scared about this half race coming up, I’ve felt out of it with all this on and off running in my initial training. So today I decided to head out for an 8miler just to see where I was at. It was my longest run since the marathon back in October and it FELT AWESOME. It was a little slower pace than I would’ve liked, but I’ll take it.  I definitely was wayyyy dehydrated from a weekend of fun nights, so I was scared running without my water belt which of course I left at home in MD. The nice breeze and occasional clouds definitely helped me out there and I chugged enough during lunch to keep me going. I got some nice sun though so that’s nice! 

My feet are either numb or very sorrrreeee. I’ve lost most of my callouses on my toes and my feet are definitely not accustomed to long runs anymore, so the next 2 weeks probably will be a bit of a battle while I work them back up.   I need to stretch hardcore before I sleep tonight so tomorrow I don’t wake up in a ball unable to move haha. I took a luke warm shower afterwards, I still can’t bring myself to take freezing cold showers or baths after long runs. Cold water is just torture for me, I’d rather be a little more sore than suffer through an ice bath…maybe someday I’ll get over it. 

Mileage – 8 miles

QOD – Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. 


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