Rain -1 Sarah – 0

I set my alarm for 8am this morning, for a run, breakfast, shower, warm-up busy kind of morning. As soon as I heard all the rain pounding on my window as I went to turn off my alarm, I immediately rolled back over and went to sleep. By noon it had cleared up and when I got out of rehearsal early at 4:15 this afternoon it was bright and sunny. So I headed home to hit the pavement.

After getting changed, a long thunder clap rattled my windows and Thor!!! (the storm warning system around JMU) blared it’s sirens. I went out anyways in an attempt to beat the rain with a short sprints run. Shockingly, I did not beat the rain and ended up drenched back at my house. I was glad I went out for a run though because I had an awful day and I needed something to pick up my mood and make me feel better about myself. Thankfully right after my run I checked my e-mail and had my official acceptance letter from Baylor!!! So now I feel great. I’m still hoping it will be much sunnier tomorrow when I head out for a mid-run before work.

Mileage – 1 mile, sprints

QOD – Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like the muscles of the body.


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