Cardio Dance Party?!

I now completely understand why ages ago I had to post that dance like classes are not good cross training for runners. Don’t get me wrong, I had a TON of fun taking this new class and it was a great work out. However there was so much moving and torquing of the joints I can see where it would give major complications to consistent/training runners. I really had to watch myself in how I did all the moves and check in with my knees and ankles especially since those are generally problem joints.

Ironically enough I actually felt like my hips loosened up a lot and that was a huge relief because that is where I had my injury during training. There’s such limited movement and stretching in the hips in various directions when running and this dance class definitely targeted all of those. That being said, Cardio Dance Party! will probably be limited to rarely if ever during my training for my next race. I am aiming to come out of the half-marathon well, intact, and in much improved time. 1 MONTH UNTIL MCMARATHON Registration!!! GET PUMPEDDDD!!!

Also, I didn’t get to eat much today and then I ate WAY WAY WAY too much food at E-hall tonight and felt totally sick. It was terrible and I’m never ever doing that again. No seriously, I’m not it was so awful and I’ve never been that full in my life.

Mileage – Weights, Abs, Cardio Dance Party!

QOD – Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.


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